Fil Menczer

I am a Professor of Informatics and Computer Science at the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing , and a member (and former director) of the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research . I also have courtesy appointments in Cognitive Science and Physics , serve on the Scientific Leadership Team of the IU Network Science Institute (IUNI) , and am a Senior Research Fellow of The Kinsey Institute  and a  Fellow at the ISI Foundation  in Torino, Italy.

Research in my group, NaN , spans computational social science, Web science, and data science, with a focus on analysis and models of information spreading dynamics in online social networks. We also study social computing, Web search and data mining, and science of science.

My calendar is a bit crowded. You may schedule an appointment with Tara Holbrook , our center’s administrative assistant. Or you can try your luck by Doodle MeetMe email , phone (+1-812-856-1377), fax (+1-812-855-0600), or in person ( Informatics East room 014).

Prospective students interested in joining my group,  NaN , should look at this advice  before contacting me. Then, if still interested, they should apply to one of our PhD programs: Informatics (Complex Systems track) , Computer Science Cognitive Science , or a combination . I am usually unable to respond to inquiries from prospective students unless they have already been admitted to one of these programs.

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